Pioneer - Corn Revolutionized

Pioneer Corn has a rich history, but it also had an image problem. Even though they have industry-leading R&D, farmers still looked at them as “Grandpa’s seed company.” We needed a simple, visual way to tell a complicated R&D story that also conveyed the innovation and technological prowess of the company. So we created In a matter of months, we storyboarded, wrote, designed and developed a digital experience that engages users through the Pioneer R&D process with just a flick of their fingers. Through parallax scrolling, genetic code transforms into seeds, into corn plants and into record harvests. The site takes users on an experiential journey that explains the complicated, rigorous R&D process through beautiful visuals, interactive experiences and easy-to-understand language. The site uses a mobile first design and solves for skimmers by creating hyper realistic CGI render images backed with a CDN network to help with asset loading across devices types to demonstrate the innovation of the company first hand. By the end of the digital experience, we revolutionized the way farmers and the ag industry looks at Pioneer. In partnership with Resn.